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370Z/G37/Q50 (3.7) Flex Fuel Kit

370Z/G37/Q50 (3.7) Flex Fuel Kit

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Our latest addition for the 3.7 Nissan VQ platform. For just $398.00, or 4 interest-free installments starting from $35.92/month, you'll be one step closer to having true flex fuel capabilities.

Choose between a kit for return style fuel systems (mounts after the fuel filter) or stock style fuel systems (mounts on the OEM regulator). It's all about making your ride truly yours.

Envision a smooth installation process that's as hassle-free as it gets. For the returnless version, we'll expertly modify your factory fuel damper/regulator to install the in-line Continental E% sensor directly. We'll also swap out the factory fuel line with a sleek Teflon AN line, easily installed or removed using quick connects.

Opting for the return fuel system version? You're covered too. Designed for use with a Fast Intentions or CJ Motorsports return fuel system, the sensor is installed after the fuel filter, utilizing the provided EFI AN fittings. And here's where it gets even better: our Flex Fuel Kit now includes the cutting-edge K-tuner Flex Fuel Analyzer, one of the most reliable analyzers on the market. Connect it to a 12v power source, ground, and E% output to a specific pin on the ECU, and you're all set. Need more info? Reach out to us at

Remember, both kits require an EcuTek RaceROM tune for optimal performance and are designed exclusively for off-road vehicles. Before making a purchase, be sure to check your local and state laws. It's time to embrace the dream, elevate your ride, and experience the thrill of unmatched performance. Upgrade with the BTWTuning Flex Fuel Kit today!

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This item is specifically created to be installed on vehicles intended solely for racing purposes. These vehicles are defined as those used exclusively for competition and are not eligible for licensing or registration for public road use in the United States. Users outside the United States should adhere to their respective local laws and regulations.