Flex Fuel Kit Install

Flex Fuel Installation Guide For VQ37VHR Vehicles (370Z, G37, Q40, Q60-Q50 14-15)

Naturally Aspirated Use

We will supply a new AN feed hose to replace the factory plastic hose. You will have to remove the factory line from the damper and install our EFI AN adapter.

 Boosted [Turbo/SC] Use

The BTWTuning Flex Fuel Kit without the Nissan OEM provided fuel hose assembly – Since the car is boosted, it is assumed the customer is using a CJ Motorsports or Fast Intentions fuel supply kit. In this case, there is a fitting just after the fuel filter that will be disconnected, and our Flex Fuel sensor will be attached at this location using the provided AN fittings. Pictures will be added later.  


Wiring: The color of this wire will vary by year, but most 370Zs will look like the picture below. 

The yellow wire (Vout1 out of the analyzer) will be wired direcly to this OEM wire. You'll need to cut the grey wire far enough so it can be rewired back in the future if needed. 


Instructions will be updated with at a later date with more pictures. 



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