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Remote Tuning - New Customers (Toyota)

Remote Tuning - New Customers (Toyota)

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This package is equipped with all the essential components to tune your vehicle for the first time. Please refer to the details listed below.

Package contents:

  • Ecutek License
  • Ecutek BT Programming Kit
  • Ecutek PhoneFlash License
  • BTWTuning Remote Tuning (1 Map)*
  • * Includes only 1 Map. Up to 4 maps can be added for an additional fee. 


For the Supra ONLY -- 

Important – bench unlock required

Please be aware this product will require a bench unlock via the BFlash Tool before a tune file can be programmed in.

Important – ECUs manufactured after June 2020 cannot be unlocked

Security on ECUs manufactured after June 2020 has been changed and bench unlocking is not possible for them. There are no tuning products in existence that can support these new ECUs.

We are working hard to find a solution to this and nothing is being ruled out as a potential fix. Contact us for more info. 

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Our Process

  • Before we start tuning your vehicle, we'll need to know about all its engine performance parts. Based on that information, we may suggest changes to your setup.
  • Once we've agreed on the modifications you've made, we can provide you with a base map to begin tuning. However, you'll need an EcuTeK or UpRev cable, and a license for each, to use it.
  • After you've installed the map into your vehicle's ECU, we'll need to go through the logging process.
  • Once you've completed a log, please send it to us for review. Based on our analysis, we'll send you a revised map for you to log again.
  • We'll repeat this process until your car is tuned to a satisfactory level.


  • Nothing required, EcuTek Bluetooth Dongle / License are included in this package