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Remote Tuning - New Customers (Nissan & Infiniti)

Remote Tuning - New Customers (Nissan & Infiniti)

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This package is equipped with all the essential components to tune your vehicle for the first time. Please refer to the details listed below.

Package contents:

  • Ecutek License
  • Multiple Maps Extra (Adjustable Burbles, RACE Map, ECO. Up to 4 maps) 
  • Ecutek PhoneFlash License
  • BTWTuning Remote Tuning 
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Our Process

  • Before we start tuning your vehicle, we'll need to know about all its engine performance parts. Based on that information, we may suggest changes to your setup.
  • Once we've agreed on the modifications you've made, we can provide you with a base map to begin tuning. However, you'll need an EcuTeK or UpRev cable, and a license for each, to use it.
  • After you've installed the map into your vehicle's ECU, we'll need to go through the logging process.
  • Once you've completed a log, please send it to us for review. Based on our analysis, we'll send you a revised map for you to log again.
  • We'll repeat this process until your car is tuned to a satisfactory level.


  • Nothing required, EcuTek Bluetooth Dongle / License are included in this package