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GTR Speed Density Kit (Fits VR38 and VQ37)

GTR Speed Density Kit (Fits VR38 and VQ37)

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Transform the performance of your Nissan GTR with our GTR Speed Density Kit. This kit is designed to maximize your car's power potential by relocating the intake temperature sensor from the MAF side to the charge pipe side, allowing for more accurate air temperature readings and improved engine performance.

The kit includes all the necessary components for a quick and easy installation, including a OEM Nissan Sensor and a quality wiring harness. With the relocation of the sensor, the GTR Speed Density Kit ensures that the engine receives the correct amount of fuel and timing to optimize performance and reliability.

The kit is engineered with precision to provide a seamless integration with your GTR's factory systems, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. With improved airflow and a more accurate air temperature reading, the GTR Speed Density Kit unlocks the full potential of your GTR's engine.

Upgrade your GTR with our high-performance GTR Speed Density Kit today and experience the ultimate driving experience with improved power, acceleration, and response.


** This kit retains the factory MAF sensors and the boost sensor on each side. No tuning required for the GTR. 

*** For VQ37 usage, tuning will be required to rescale the MAP sensor. 

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