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370Z/G37/Q50 3.7 E85 Fueling Upgrade/Conversion Kit

370Z/G37/Q50 3.7 E85 Fueling Upgrade/Conversion Kit

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We are delighted to introduce our exclusive E85 conversion kit tailored for Nissan 350Z, 370Z, Infiniti G35, or G37 models. This comprehensive kit features our meticulously crafted by BTWTuning spec 650cc/min fuel injectors, along with the renowned AEM 340LPH fuel pump and CJM installation kit, ensuring a seamless and trouble-free installation process.

The injectors seamlessly integrate into the factory wiring harness and fit directly into the factory fuel rails without any alterations necessary. Specifically engineered for naturally aspirated Nissan and Infiniti vehicles, this kit is ideal for those seeking to utilize both 91/93 octane and E85 fuels with our advanced tuning solutions. We recommend installing this kit in close proximity to your tuning appointment and adopting a gentle driving approach until the tuning process is finalized. Unless a flex fuel sensor is purchased and installed, transitioning between fuel types will require a nearly empty tank.

These injectors have undergone rigorous testing to emulate stock injector performance, ensuring optimal startup, idle, and driving characteristics while delivering the increased flow required to support E85 on your high-performance setup. With our tuning and these injectors, gains of up to 10whp have been observed when switching from 93 octane to E85, with even greater improvements possible for those transitioning from 91 or 92 octane fuels to E85.

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We kindly request that you confirm the compatibility of this product with your vehicle prior to making a purchase. If you are uncertain whether it will fit your specific vehicle model, please reach out to us for assistance. Ensuring your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we are dedicated to offering you the finest products tailored to your vehicle's needs. Feel free to contact us, and we'll be more than happy to help you find the perfect fit.