Brian's GTM Turbo-charged 370Z

We received Brian's car in the fall of 2019, and worked on restoring it to its former glory and more! His vehicle was originally turbo-charged by GTM in Southern California, back in 2013. 


Unfortunately, the engine had lost one cylinder due to an overboost condition, which happened as the wastegate vacuum line melted and caused the wastegates to not open when target boost was reached. This is very dangerous, especially on a motor that has such high compression (The VQ37 has a 11:1 compression ratio).


The plan was to order replace it with a newer motor out the 2014+ VQ vehicles, which had fixed a few of the minor issues that plagued the earlier VQs. Upon further inspection, the turbos were on their last legs and needed a rebuilt, so they were sent to our preferred shop for turbo rebuilds and rebuilt with all new parts. 

All lines are protected and secured with rubber hose clamps.

All the vacuum and coolant hoses cracking and in need of replacement, so everything was replaced with all new silicone parts to hold up to the heat better. 

Vacuum lines near heat sources were wrapped with fire sleeves, to insure that they never cause a problem anymore. 

The car needed a lot of love, and we gave it just that. The new engine has only 2000 miles on it, and the level of quality of this build is pretty much factory like.

The vehicle feels almost like a new 370Z that just came out of the factory, with no weird noises, no leaks, factory drive-ability, and enough power to surprise a lot of people.